Teak Tree Brokerage previously known as Gold Coast Brokerage Limited was incorporated in 1993 with the object of dealing in securities and investments in general. As one of the pioneer brokerage firms in the country, Gold Coast was the only brokerage firm that was selected by the Government to sell AGC and CPC shares during their divestiture. We also co-sponsored the listing of GOIL on the GSE. Gold Coast Securities was specialized in Fund Management, Capital and Money MarketAsset ManagementEquity Market ResearchPension Advisory and Corporate Finance operations in the financial markets in Ghana. The Securities and Exchange Commission in 2012 gave a directive for investment companies to separate their Brokerage and Fund Management operations, this led to the birth of Teak Tree Brokerage as a separate entity. The company is also registered with the Central Securities Depository of the Bank of Ghana as an intermediary Primary Dealer authorized to trade on the secondary market in Government of Ghana securities such as the treasury bills and bonds

Teak Tree Brokerage has since chopped several successes by rising to be part of the top 5 brokerage firms in the country and won the silver award for Broker-Dealer of the year for 2017. The key to choosing a brokerage firm should be based on the type of relationship that is right for you. After all, it’s an important decision that should be based on both simple objective criteria and your own preferences.

At Teak Tree Brokerage, you will enjoy a personal relationship with our investment professionals. We see investing from your perspective, and make recommendations based on actually listening to you and understanding your needs.

From individuals and families to larger organizations, Teak Tree Brokerage is used to meeting the needs of a wide range of discerning clients. Balancing delegation with personal control, we can manage your investments on a discretionary basis; advisory basis; or providing an execution only service. We are interested in listening to your needs so that we can address your investment requirements.  Teak Tree Brokerage is a leading investment brokerage firm amongst its peers and has established key business relationship with some local assets and pension fund managers and provides them with full brokerage services.

As you look for a reliable, efficient and professional Broker to advice you on the acquisition of Treasury bills/notes or on the acquisition and disposal of shares for your investment portfolio either today or tomorrow, you MUST consider the Stock Brokers at Teak Tree Brokerage.

Who we are

Teak Tree Brokerage is a Licensed Dealing Member (LDM) and Depository Participant (DP) of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), actively trading in shares, bonds and Treasury securities. Currently, we are among the top 5 brokerage firms in the country and we are working hard to break into the top 3. Our trading volumes stand in excess of about Eighty Million Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 80million) for stocks, while for Treasury bills/notes, we auction in excess of One Million Ghana Cedis (GHC 1million) weekly. Our volumes are growing year by year and our strategy is to do more through an effective client management program.

We have co-sponsored a number of companies unto the market; notable among them being Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL). We were the only company (formerly Gold Coast Securities) that had government approval for the sale of Cocoa Processing Company and AngloGold Ashanti shares to civil servants during their respective IPOs. We successfully listed HORDS and Digicut on the Ghana Alternative Market, GAX and its currently returning 60% to the shareholders.

We offer our clients solid research on the Ghanaian investment market through our affiliation with GN Research.