Brokerage Services

Services We Provide

Teak Tree Brokerage Limited (TTBL) is a licensed brokerage firm offering Equity/Shares purchases and sales, Treasury bills, Notes and Bonds purchase and sales, as well as Investment advisory services to its clients.

We buy share of companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange for investors who wish to invest on the stock market

As a member of the Ghana Fix Income Market (GFIM), we sell notes and bonds for investors who own these securities and wish to sell them. Investors who wish to rediscount the t-bills are also welcome to our office for a speedy transaction.

We partake in the auction of Government bills, notes and bonds through our primary dealer partners on behalf of our clients and on our own account.

Investors who already own shares of companies and wish to dispose of them are welcome to our offices to speak to our experience broker.

We perform advisory services for clients who wish to raise capital through the stock market to expand their businesses. By this we have helped to list major companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange.